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Healthy Recipes: Homemade Rice Milk

Learn in this article how you can easily make your own rice milk with just a few ingredients. Any type of rice is suitable for making rice milk, but you should make sure to use brown rice, as it still contains all the healthy nutrients. With store-bought rice milk, additives

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Healthy Recipes: Japanese Kukicha Summer-Tea

Cool off on warm summer days with this Japanese kukicha summer-tea. Although it is healthiest to drink tea always warm, you can treat yourself now and then, when it is warm outside to a healthy, cold and refreshing drink. This Japanese kukicha summer tea is a healthy and delicious alternative

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Healthy Recipes: Golden Milk with Turmeric

Golden Milk with turmeric (also known as “Turmeric Latte”) tastes delicious and is also very healthy. It warms the body and is the perfect drink for the cooler days of the year. Here you can learn how to make Golden Milk yourself and why it is so healthy. Golden Milk

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