Healthy Desserts

Healthy Recipes: Vegan Apple Cinnamon Bundt Cake

With this recipe we show you an autumn version of the classic Gugelhupf. When the evenings get shorter and colder in September and the first colorful leaves already decorate the woods and the ground, the golden season begins. What could be finer than coming from outside into the warmth on

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Healthy Recipes: Vegan Carrot Cake Muffins

Our vegan carrot cake muffins without sugar are particularly delicate thanks to the combination of ground nuts and a subtle note of cardamom and cinnamon. They are the perfect pastry when you want to offer your guests a sweet and healthy treat. The sour-sweet applesauce makes the muffins wonderfully moist

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Healthy Recipes: Summer Dessert with Berries in a Glass

This summer dessert with berries in a glass is super quick to prepare and a refreshing dessert. Not only is it quick to make, but it’s also a cooling and healthy refreshment on hot summer days. The light cream is made of coconut yogurt with a hint of cardamom sweetened

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Healthy Recipes: Vegan Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream

This recipe for healthy Vegan Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream will inspire you. Not only is it quick to make, but it’s also a healthy and delicious alternative to conventional ice creams. Because these contain a lot of sugar and other unhealthy additives. You also don’t need an ice cream maker

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Healthy recipes: brownies without sugar and without flour

These healthy brownies with kidney beans are quick to make, very chocolaty and guaranteed to be a hit at every party! No one will guess it contains kidney beans.Did you know that kidney beans are good nerves? The high magnesium content helps reduce stress and can alleviate lack of concentration.

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Healthy Recipes: Vegan Apple Pie without Sugar

Our vegan apple pie without sugar is especially delicious due to the combination of apples and polenta dough with a subtle hint of cinnamon. What could be better than the smell of freshly baked apple pie? The sour-sweet applesauce makes the cake wonderfully moist and also gives it a natural

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Healthy recipes: Christmas cookies without flour

During the Christmas season in particular, this has become a very popular ritual for most people with family or friends – baking Christmas cookies. Not only is this recipe different, it tastes fantastic too. Without any flour and of course without sugar. Feasting and enjoying also works in health. These

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Healthy Recipes: Grated Apple Pie

Grandma’s apple pie – everyone knows it and everyone loves it. Especially in autumn and at Christmas time it is very popular. It is not only a real treat as a dessert, but also very popular as a gift when you are invited to dinner. We use rice malt for

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Healthy Recipes: Make your own Coconut Yogurt

Coconut yogurt is not only healthy, but also tastes very good. Worldwide, only a few people can digest lactose. Vegan dairy products, meanwhile, are considered particularly digestible and offer a healthy alternative to animal products. In the refrigerated shelves of supermarkets, more and more vegan alternatives can be found alongside

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