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Healthy Recipes: The Perfect Linzertorte

The Linzertorte not only tastes fine, but it also makes the perfect souvenir. Our healthy recipe will inspire you. Did you know that the Linzertorte is considered the oldest known cake in the world? It traditionally comes from Austria and consists of a finely spiced almond short pastry with fruit

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Healthy Recipes: Spicy trail mix

This spicy trail mix is quick and easy to prepare, tastes delicious and gives you healthy energy. We show you with this recipe how you can easily prepare this healthy snack from fine nuts plus dried fruits and coated with a spicy curry mix. We use cashew nuts, almonds and

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Healthy Recipes: Quinoa-Granola Bars without Sugar

These delicious quinoa-granola bars without sugar are super quick and easy to make. Making bars or squares yourself has two benefits. You always have a sugar-free snack on hand when your stomach growls again and you know exactly that you are doing something good for yourself and your body when

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Healthy Recipes: Sweet Rice Cream with Blueberries

Not only on cold winter evenings does the best of all childhood desserts make you feel cozy and warm. Refreshed with berries, sweet rice cream tastes twice as good – no matter what time of year! Mochi rice, also known as sweet rice, originates from Japan and is used there

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Healthy recipes: apple-cinnamon energy balls

This recipe is not only super delicious, but also very easy – with only 3 ingredients – to prepare and full of flavor. Our apple cinnamon energy balls provide energy for body and mind. Whether as a healthy snack in the office or booster for in between – the energy

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Healthy recipes: apple strudel – an autumn treat

The apple strudel is world famous. In our recipe we tell you not only a delicious, but also a healthy version of this classic. Homemade – still slightly warm – apple strudel goes perfectly with a cold autumn day. ingredients For the dough: 300g wholegrain spelled flour 1 pinch of

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Healthy Recipes: Sweet Potato Fries

These sweet potato fries are a healthy and delicious alternative to greasy and unhealthy fast food fries. They have a subtle sweet aroma and, when prepared correctly, become crispy even in the oven. Did you know that the sweet potato belongs to the bindweed family and is only very distantly

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Healthy Recipes: Healthy Coleslaw

Our healthy and vitamin-rich coleslaw is a fantastic recipe for a salad buffet at parties. Cold coleslaw tastes refreshing and delicious, especially in summer. In any case, you should never reach for the ready-made coleslaw in the refrigerated section. These often contain up to eight sugar cubes, lots of unhealthy

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Healthy recipes: spring rolls with vegetables and tofu

Spring rolls don’t have to be bought ready-made from the cooling shelf. They are very easy and quick to prepare yourself. ingredients 6 spring roll rice sheets 2 leek sticks 6 carrots 2 cloves of garlic 3 spring onions 1 small chilli pepper 250g plain tofu sesame oil soy sauce

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