Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes: Energy Balls with hemp seeds

These healthy and delicious energy balls with hemp seeds provide concentrated energy for body and mind. Whether as a healthy snack in the office or booster for in between – the energy balls are extremely versatile and the perfect companion for on the go. They are especially good before and

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Healthy recipes: Chickpea Turmeric Pasta with Broccoli

If you love pasta, you’re guaranteed to love our healthy Chickpea Turmeric Pasta with Broccoli. The special thing about this recipe is the roasted chickpeas. They provide protein, texture, and a brilliant roasted flavor. The contained turmeric makes this pasta dish a real superfood. Turmeric belongs to the ginger family

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Healthy Recipes: Vegan Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream

This recipe for healthy Vegan Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream will inspire you. Not only is it quick to make, but it’s also a healthy and delicious alternative to conventional ice creams. Because these contain a lot of sugar and other unhealthy additives. You also don’t need an ice cream maker

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Healthy Recipes: Healthy Crunchy Muesli With Wild Berries

This healthy crunchy muesli with wild berries is guaranteed super quick to make and always works. The selection of conventional crunchy mueslis in the supermarket is huge, but these ready-made products usually contain a lot of industrial sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, and the really good ingredients are usually only

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Healthy Recipes: Japanese Kukicha Summer-Tea

Cool off on warm summer days with this Japanese kukicha summer-tea. Although it is healthiest to drink tea always warm, you can treat yourself now and then, when it is warm outside to a healthy, cold and refreshing drink. This Japanese kukicha summer tea is a healthy and delicious alternative

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Healthy recipes: Kimchi – the healthy cabbage from Korea

Kimchi means “fermented vegetable” and is a very powerful probiotic food. The healthy cabbage originates from Korea and is traditionally preserved like sauerkraut as a vitamin source for the winter. The preperation is similar to sauerkraut, but the cabbage and the rest of the ingredients are not cooked in the

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Healthy Recipes: Pearl Barley Sweet Potato Salad with Arugula

This colorful pearl barley sweet potato salad with arugula is a healthy and delicious summer dish. The toasted walnuts add crunch to the salad, while the arugula and mustard dressing add flavor. Pearl barley is a wonderful base for a salad. In addition, the healthy grain has plenty of protein,

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Healthy Recipes: Broccoli Oatmeal Patties

These broccoli oatmeal patties are not only quick to make, but they are also rich in many healthy nutrients. You can enjoy them warm, but also cold and they are ideal as a snack, side dish, lunch or dinner. Did you know that broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables?

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Healthy recipes: brownies without sugar and without flour

These healthy brownies without sugar and without flour are quick to make, very chocolaty and also very healthy. As a healthy dessert, these vegan brownies are guaranteed to be a hit at any party! The special thing about them is that we don’t use flour, but kidney beans. They are

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